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Owner of Non-Typical Tattoo


Brian has been professionally tattooing since 2012. He completed his apprenticeship at New Element Tattoo in Pueblo, Colorado under tattoo artist Jason Griego in 2015.


After completing his apprenticeship, Brian made the move back to his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico where he had the opportunity to work beside world-renowned artist David Martinez at Addictive Ink Tattoo until 2021.


Brian was able to grow in his craft as well as faith at Addictive Ink Tattoo. Being in the tattoo industry for 10 years, Brian felt the Lord pushing him to start his own company that was shaped around the things he loves most; God, art, and hunting.


Brian draws his inspiration from the things God created around him. Brian says, “God is in the details, so I pay close attention to every detail in my work."

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