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➢ Everything begins with scheduling your consult. At the time of your consult, Brian will discuss your ideas by taking detailed notes and photographs of the body part being tattooed as this helps him in the design process.

➢ After the consult and we've decided to move forward, Brian will take your deposit and schedule your appointments to get started on the tattoo.

➢ It is important to make sure that the project is a good match for Brian before we can discuss available appointment dates and accept deposits.


 Before the consult its important to clarify what direction you want to go in and bring references. Bring printed photos, images, drawings and even inspirations on your phone. We want to make sure we all have a good understanding of what the tattoo is going to be before the design process begins. There is no such thing as too much. We welcome all your ideas for a good starting point.


 Designs will NOT be sent out or shown until the day of the appointment. 

 Minor changes to the design taking less than an hour are acceptable the day of the appointment. Major changes to the design will require the appointment to be rescheduled. Original deposit could be FORFEITED if the client drastically changes their original tattoo idea from what was discussed at the consult.


➢ Brian charges a flat rate of $200/hr. You only get charged for the time you are actively being tattooed.

➢ Brian's shop minimum is $200/1hr. You are buying 1 hour of time with Brian, regardless of whether the tattoo takes an hour. He will tattoo you for the entire hour if you have multiple small tattoos in mind. The hour is yours to fill with tattoo work.

 Larger projects such as sleeves, back pieces, and others will take multiple sessions depending on variables such as skin type, the size, and detail of the tattoo, and other factors not listed here. There is NO way to guarantee the exact amount of sessions a tattoo will take as every project and person is unique.


➢ Payments are due immediately at the end of each session, your deposit goes toward the price of your last session when the tattoo is completed or you decide not to schedule any further appointments.

➢ A deposit is required before any artwork will be created to secure your appointment date.

➢ Your deposit goes toward the agreed-upon design during the consult. If you completely change your tattoo idea to something else another deposit equal to the amount of the original deposit will be required for that new design and your original deposit will be forfeited. 

➢ For single session tattoos lasting under 4 hours a $200 deposit is required.

➢ For two session tattoos lasting longer than 4 hours a $500 deposit is required.

 For half sleeve/ full sleeve tattoos that take multiple sessions a $1200 deposit is required.

➢ All deposits and or payments made in advance are

NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason.

➢ If you need to change your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, you must allow at least 48 hours notice so Brian can rearrange the schedule.


➢ A new deposit will be required if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice.


➢ You can reschedule your appointment one time without losing your deposit.


➢ Alcohol may cause excessive bleeding during the session and cause an issue with the healing process. If Brian suspects you've been under the influence of alcohol before your appointment, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. 


➢ Please be sure to eat before your appointment. Bring snacks & lunch to help your appointment run smoothly and your body last longer during the tattoo process.


➢ Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that helps with the tattoo process: Sleeveless t-shirts for upper arm work and shorts for leg work.


➢ If you are more than 30 minutes late without any notice, your appointment will be canceled without any refund.


➢ No Call No Show = No Refund + we won't be able to work together.


➢ Allergies and health concerns will be discussed in the consultation process. 


➢ If you're sick and showing symptoms, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.


➢ Upon your arrival at the studio, if you show any other active symptoms like sneezing or coughing, we will reschedule your appointment.


➢ Paying your deposit signs that you understand and agree to the entire policy above, and in doing so you acknowledge that you will not be refunded the deposit for any reason whatsoever.


➢ Please include a description of the tattoo design, size, and placement on your body in your inquiry form. If this isn't included, we will not contact you.


➢ Brian reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, including men and women that want tattoos in private areas of the body that would require them to disrobe and or reveal genitalia or cause Brian to touch private parts of their


➢ You must be 18 years old to get a tattoo. No exceptions.

Tattoo Inquiry
Tattoo Inquiry

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All communication and tattoo inquiries are done through this website or via email, call or text.

Social media inquiries will not be accepted.


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